Did you know that the music you listen to in labor can affect how you perceive pain? Midwives and mothers desiring a natural birth have long used music to “set the mood” of the room and birth experience. But did you know that what you choose to put on your birth playlist can play a big role in pain perception?
Music in Labor

Music in Labor – photo by kpp.com

Let’s take a quick look at the research!
In a 2018 Cochrane Review, they found that women who listened to music in early labor reported a lower pain intensity when compared to women who did not listen to music.
In a 2014 review by Hollins Martin. This review looked at 5 different studies of women who listened to music during labor. In 4 of the 5 studies, women reported less pain when they listened to music compared to those who did not.

Music can help me experience less pain, you say? YES!

Music can decrease your perception of the unpleasantness of a situation. What types of music do you listen to when you are sad, happy, or maybe trying to focus on something? What gets you into your zone to accomplish what needs to be done? As midwives, we have heard every possible kind of music you can imagine in labor! In our experience at Grapevine Birthing Center, we often hear faith-based worship music on playlists, instrumental music, love songs, and even lullabies!

Most unique music choice we’ve heard during labor? That would have to be heavy metal! And those moms typically do ROCK their birth!!

How did you rock your birth? Instrumental, country? Praise & Worship? Hard rock? The possibilities are endless!
For more great information on music in labor visit Evidenced Based Birth.
Mom labors at Grapevine Birthing Center with music… she is close to having a baby!
Hope you enjoyed this quick blog post!
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