Pregnancy supplements

As mentioned in the “Nutrition and Exercise” section, we believe the foundation of good nutrition should be the food you eat. Supplements during pregnancy are just… supplemental. They fill in any gaps in food-based nutrition.

Here are the supplements we recommend in each stage of pregnancy:


Food-based prenatal vitamins increase your body’s ability to absorb the nutrients- our favorites are:

  • Garden of Life RAW Prenatal (sold at the birth center)
  • New Chapter Perfect Prenatal
  • Dr. Fuhrman Gentle Prenatal
  • *Make sure your prenatal contains “folate”, “folic acid”.

Probiotics improve gut health, which improves your digestive and immune systems:

  • Body Biotics (sold at the birth center)
  • Fem-dophilis (sold at the birth center)

If you have a hard time getting raw, dark green, leafy veggies in your diet every day:

  • Try making smoothies with raw spinach or kale
  • Garden of Life RAW Green Superfood or RAW Wheatgrass Juice

If you have a hard time getting enough protein every day:

  • Garden of Life RAW Meal (NOT the “Fit” variety). This vegan formula has a great balance of protein/sugar/fat, with no whey, soy, or gluten.
  • Modern Source Protein (Vegan)

Blood Building Supplement– If your hemoglobin and/or platelets are low. Continue throughout pregnancy. (these can all be purchased at the birth center)

  • Hemadyn-Pro
  • Liquid Chlorophyll
  • For low platelets, add Standard Process Sesame Seed Oil
  • Serious cases may need prescription iron


Our goal is to prevent positive Group-B Strep screens for our clients. Our recommended treatment, based on current research, is to administer intravenous antibiotics in labor to clients with vertical GBS colonization or a history of newborn GBS disease.

  • Probiotics- the brands we have at the birth center have been extensively researched and have worked very well for the women in our practice. If you choose not to buy these, please let us review the label on the brand you are considering. There are a few specific strains that have been proven to optimize vaginal health.
  • High doses of vitamin C- ask your midwife
  • Colloidal Silver (taken by mouth), 1 tsp daily
  • Add fermented foods to diet: kombucha, sauerkraut, kefir, plain Greek yogurt
  • Garlic oil supplement (start at 36 weeks)
  • Probiotics applied to a pantyliner starting at 36 weeks.