Optimal Vaginal Health

The vagina is naturally colonized with many types of beneficial bacteria which maintain proper health by regulating the pH and keeping the “bad” bacteria in check. Maintaining a good balance of flora in the vagina also protects against yeast and other infections.

It is easy enough to maintain good vaginal health throughout pregnancy by following these simple guidelines:

  • Take a good probiotic supplement every day. Choose a probiotic that contains several billion live cultures of lactobacillus acidophilus. This will enhance your body’s ability to maintain a proper balance of flora.  We recommend Body Biotics which can be purchased at the birth center.

  • Wear cotton panties every day. This will help the area to “breathe” and maintain optimal temperature. Synthetic materials cause the area to get too hot. Avoid thongs or G-strings.

  • No douching. Even with “natural” substances. The vagina is self-cleaning and usually does pretty well on its own- especially if you are following these other guidelines.

  • Do not use anti-bacterial soap when taking a shower or bath. Anti-bacterial soap does not discriminate- it kills both good and bad bacteria. We recommend using a pH-balanced soap like Summer’s Eve.

  • Use coconut oil (or almond oil) for intimate lubrication. Synthetic lubricants can cause an unhealthy change in pH. Coconut oil provides clean-feeling lubrication and is naturally bacteriostatic.

  • Practice good nutrition and get exercise every day to optimize overall health and circulation.