Kick Counts

Kick counts baby

Throughout the last few weeks of pregnancy, starting at around week 32, it is important to be mindful of your baby’s movement patterns. “Kick Counting” or kick counts should be done every day. During baby’s usual active period, you should be able to count 10 movements within 2 hours. If movement seems to have decreased, drink a large glass of cold water, lie down on your left side and begin counting “kicks”. Really, any movement- kicks, punches, swishes, and rolls- count as kicks. Hiccups do not count.

After about 36 weeks, the quality of baby’s movement changes. Kicking and punching becomes rolling and shifting. Baby has grown and has less room to do all the gymnastics moves you’ve become accustomed to! That change in quality of movement is normal, but baby should still move just as frequently. If you have noticed a drastic change in baby’s movement, please give us a call.