Our Top 5 Disposable Diaper Accessories

Diaper Accessories

Diaper accessories are a great way to make your life easier. Whether you’re looking for something that will help you take care of your baby’s skin, or just need some extra storage space, we have put together the perfect products for you!

You may not have given much thought to what type of diaper accessories you need after your little one has been born, but there are some things that will make life easier for both you and baby. You can get creative with the products available in order to find the perfect solution for your family.

Many of our clients use disposable diapers, at least some of the time! Here are Student Midwife Bethany’s top 5 disposable diaper accessories you may want to register for when preparing to fill your changing table drawers:

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is pretty much good for all. the. things. Dry skin? Coconut oil. Diaper rash? Coconut oil. Brittle hair? Coconut oil. Sore nipples? Coconut oil. Flat tire? Coconut oil. (Kidding!)

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

Diaper Genie

I never used a Diaper Genie, but let me tell you, these Febreze-enhanced trash bags are a must-have for any home that includes a newborn. Or infants. Or toddlers. Or people.

Diaper Genie diaper accessories

Diaper Genie

Diaper Bag For Dads

Dads deserve a diaper bag too! This stylish backpack has every compartment and pocket you’d ever want.

Backpack for diapers

Skip Hop Diaper Backpack

Diaper Caddy

How cute is this??!! A diaper caddy is super useful to keep on the changing table and to grab and go for when diapers need changing elsewhere. Stick a few diapers, a package of wipes and some ointment in there and you’re good to go. You’ll be surprised at the random places you wind up changing diapers!

Diaper accessories

Diaper Caddy

Diaper Ointment

This diaper ointment is fragrance-free and certified organic. Yes, please!

Diaper ointment

Tubby Todd Diaper Paste


Thank you for checking out our blog post about diaper accessories. We hope that this information has helped you to decide on the best type of product. If giving birth naturally is your goal, then there is no better place than Grapevine Birthing Center. Contact us today to find out how we can help make your pregnancy and birth experience as carefree as possible!