Choosing your Birth Location – Know your options!

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Birthing center in Dallas

Did you know that if you have a low-risk pregnancy (and the chances are that you do!) then you have the option of having an out-of-hospital birth at a freestanding birthing center in Dallas?


What is a free-standing birth center?

A free-standing birth center such as Grapevine Birthing Center is a medical facility that is not connected to a hospital. Sometimes they are located near a local hospital. Grapevine Birthing Center in Dallas has the benefit of being located 3 minutes from Baylor Scott & White Medical Center in Grapevine

A licensed birthing center in Dallas, Texas offers comprehensive prenatal care for women with healthy, low-risk pregnancies. If you qualify, you may start your prenatal care with a midwife and may never have the need to visit an OBGYN during your pregnancy.

What services do you offer?

Midwives are able to draw all of the needed lab tests during pregnancy in-house without ever needing to visit another location. We also offer ultrasound services and even an in-house chiropractor who specializes in pregnancy. 

Along with all prenatal visits, lab tests, and ultrasound services you will also deliver your baby in our luxurious and modern birth suites. Each suite has a queen-size bed, freestanding birthing tub, shower, and space to move freely during labor. You and your baby will be monitored regularly, but not at the expense of your comfort. Midwives work around you and your goal is to birth naturally! 

After your baby is born and mom and baby are stable we allow you to have the first hour to bond with your baby and also recommend skin to skin during this time along with assisting you in breastfeeding. Providing quality and skilled care during your delivery does not have to be at the expense of those very important first moments you and your partner have with your new little family member.birthing center birth in Dallas


Are birthing centers and midwives licensed?

Yes! Texas Midwives are licensed by the state as well as birthing centers. Grapevine Birthing Center and its midwives adhere to strict requirements to keep these licenses active.  Midwives are required to do extensive continuing education courses in between license renewals, and birthing centers in Texas go through a rigorous inspection every two years.


What are some reasons I should choose a birthing center in Dallas over a hospital delivery?

We are glad you asked! Here are just a few of the top benefits of choosing a birth center delivery with a midwife team such as Grapevine Birthing Center over a hospital delivery.


Personalized and Compassionate care is a top priority!

You and your family are not just a number in a sea of patients. We love to get to know our families and include them in care. From letting your 5-year-old help hold the doppler during an appointment to hear their sibling’s heartbeat to letting your partner help “catch” your baby—we are here to facilitate a healthy, safe and enjoyable experience for you.


Limited wait time

We schedule 45 minutes to an hour for each of your appointments. You should not have to wait for long periods of time to see your provider and you have plenty of time to have all of your questions answered.


Direct access to a midwife at all times

Just in case you forgot a question during your appointment, you have access to your midwife team via our private number. You are welcome to text or call during business hours for any reason and receive a prompt response! And of course, your midwives always have the phone on so whenever you have an urgent concern or it is time for your big day—we are ready!


A comfortable and calming space to labor

Your body is NOT meant to perform its best under bright lights and surrounded by strangers. Your birthing suite at Grapevine Birthing Center is modern, comfortable, and was designed around what a birthing mother needs most: a quiet, safe space surrounded by providers she trusts and knows. Dim lights, candles, the faint mist of essential oils being diffused is what you can expect to experience. (all of our very important medical supplies stay tucked away until needed to keep the atmosphere as comfortable as possible.)


What if an emergency arises or my baby needs extra assistance after being born?

Midwives are highly skilled and trained in providing emergent care during delivery and the immediate postpartum period for mother and baby. Midwives are also trained to recognize the need to transfer to a hospital long before an emergency ever arises (we are located 3 minutes from the nearest hospital.)

GBC midwives are all certified in Neonatal Resuscitation and can provide your baby with this assistance in the rare case it is needed.

At Grapevine Birthing Center we have great relationships with local physicians who recognize our client’s desires for their delivery and can help facilitate as much of those desires in hospital if the need arises to seek their assistance. Collaborative care is a hallmark of your care at Grapevine Birthing Center!


To find out more about out-of-hospital birth at Grapevine Birthing Center, contact us today! We offer a free private consultation and tour of our birthing center in Dallas. Remember, you have options in birth!


Photos by Beth McElhannon Photography