Incredible Birth Story & Birth Experience

Birth Story at Grapevine Birthing Center

An incredible birth story and labor experience at Grapevine Birthing Center told by the beautiful mama herself. Get a realistic insight into what it’s like to be in labor, preparing for a natural birth, and giving birth at our amazing birth center.

The Birth Story of Logan Jason Spitz – by Kirsten S.

My recollection of the moments – From my laboring mind

From the day I found out I was pregnant, I thought for sure he would be really close to a due date baby. I knew it was just an estimate, but I just had a feeling. I knew I wanted a natural birth, preferably in the water, at a birth center, with a midwife; someone who would honor my holistic lifestyle and guide my baby into the world. Wednesday, April 5 – two days to D day I began to have contractions. Mild in intensity, I thought – okay, let’s get walking! I made myself some raspberry leaf tea, went for a long walk with Jared to no avail – contractions came and went, eventually ceasing. Thursday came and went with nothing more than Braxton Hicks, something I had felt since about 25 weeks. I went to sleep around ten, knowing in the morning I had to be at school at 8 am for a final practical.

I felt my first contraction Friday morning around 4 am. Enough to wake me out of sleep, I stayed in bed and just breathed through them – trying to rest in between. These were different from the ones on Wednesday, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up. My labored breathing woke Jared soon after, and at five I got out of bed and moved to the couch. Some were mild, some had me moving onto my knees and kneeling on the couch (remembering from my birth class that many women find comfort in hands and knees as it encourages good position for the baby as they make their way into the world). 12-15 minutes apart for 30 to 45 seconds, I figured this was the beginning. I could make it through the day at school at least! A practical at 8 am and a mock clinic type exam at 1 pm – sure thing!

We arrived on campus around 740am for our practical at 8. As many people were going over last-minute notes, I was sitting on the floor waiting out contractions. I didn’t want everyone – or anyone to know because I wanted this day to be about us, and I didn’t want any extra attention on the increasing tension happening in my belly. As the professor rounded the corner for my turn to go – of course, a contraction came. Essentially whispering my way through the lines I knew I needed to say, I could feel a little sweat begin to form on my upper lip. The contraction ended and so did my practical. It was shortly after that I told Jared it may be best for us to go home so I could rest – I would need to save my energy if this was really it.

We got home and walked for about 45 minutes. I emailed my professor and told him the situation, but that I could make it to the exam at 1 pm if I could. He told me to stay home because even if the baby didn’t come until Sunday, I’d need my energy – bless his soul.

I decided it was time to text my midwife, Kim, and let her know they were moving closer together. At about seven minutes apart, they were still only about 30 seconds each and she knew it was still early labor. Rest and food were her recommendations. We parked it on the couch after Jared made us some chocolate chip pancakes – YUM! I continued to snack and stay hydrated throughout the day, I knew that if I was going to labor my son out naturally I would need to take care of myself. Birth is a marathon, not a sprint.

We stayed in contact with our midwife and she said we could meet her at five o’clock and we could see where I was at if that would make me feel more comfortable. I agreed. It was then that she asked if I had yet been adjusted. I had been going 2-3 times per week nearing the end of my pregnancy knowing that if I was aligned it would encourage a more smooth delivery. My sister-in-law and chiropractor made a house call and adjusted me with excellence at about 405pm. Instant contraction after and continuing contractions no more than four minutes apart following my adjustment, we were on our way to the birth center.

Birth at Grapevine Birthing Center


Our Drive to the Birth Center

There is a reason the old wives tale says to go for a bumpy car ride if you are trying to go into labor. We got in Jared’s jeep and into the worst traffic we had ever seen in our many drives to the birth center. It was terrible. I couldn’t get in a good position and my contractions were coming in quicker intervals and increasing intensity. Upon arriving at the birth center, we slowly made our way in and I was in tears. Everything just hit me all at once and I had to collect myself. Our sweet and perfect midwife saw my discomfort and reminded me “It’s okay, you CAN do this.”

I got on the table for her to check me in between contractions. She had checked Baby Spitz’s heartbeat during a contraction and ensured me that he was doing well, handling contractions great! I thought for sure I would be at nearly a 5 in centimeters dilated. I was at a 3 and 100% effaced with a bulging water bag. She encouraged us to stay in the area but go get some food and do some walking. He may be here tonight or we may need to make it through the night, she reported.

We got into the car and I told Jared “We can go sit somewhere but I’m not walking anywhere!” He sweetly agreed and we drove to get food. Contractions were even worse on the way there. As he went in to get us something to eat I was holding the back of the seat and trying to make it through my contractions without him. He brought me out water and as he came back in I said we needed to head back to the birth center, that I needed to be close. We pulled out of the parking lot and I immediately told him to pull over. I had to be out of the car for these contractions. We pulled into the next parking lot – near a dumpster (perfect place for contractions, right?) and I got out so I could brace for contractions. Jared rubbing my back and applying counter pressure the whole time – ‘Our son is going to be born next to a dumpster,’ he thought. We had to lay the seat back so I could be on my hands and knees on the way back.

Birth Story – Labor & Birth at the Birth Center

We arrived at the birth center after 6 o’clock pm and I tried to walk in between my contractions, which seemed to be one on top of the other. Kim arrived shortly after during one of my contractions in which I had basically thrown myself onto the pavement so I could be on my hands and knees.

She ushered us up the stairs to our birthing room. “We made it,” is all I could think. I had a few contractions in which I leaned over the bed before I dedicated the rest of laboring between on my hands and knees and the birth ball – half in the bathroom half out. Jared applying counter pressure and reminding me to breathe through each one. Telling me that I was doing so well. He began to realize when I was at the peak of my contraction and would encourage me through the end – “This one is almost over then you can rest babe.” My sweet, sweet man.

In between one of the contractions I breathed and announced, “This is going to be our only baby,” with a small chuckle – all that I could muster. Kim laughed and said if I was joking I was probably okay. I told myself I had to keep my humor through labor if I was going to make it.

Jared tried to make sure I ate something. He was feeding me grape by grape in what seemed to be the most daunting meal I had ever eaten. The smallest sips of water did wonders as I remembered that I needed to stay hydrated. Kim ran the bathtub and suggested that she check me again to see where I was at before getting in. I needed to empty my bladder first so Jared helped me up onto the toilet – talk about being vulnerable.

As soon as I sat down I had another contraction. Then able to void my bladder, I just sat there after, exhausted. It was 735 and all of the sudden, a big gush of water fell from me, to which I heard Kim say “Was that your water breaking?” Then came another, more intense contraction. I stayed on the toilet for what seemed to be at least 3 following that one. I don’t know how many there actually were.

“Maybe we should just get you into the water,” Kim suggested. She and Jared helped me make the ten steps from the bathroom to the tub. I remember noticing the dim lights as I got in and told myself we were close. Close to meeting our son. Instant relief as I submerged up to my sports bra in the tub I had imagined giving birth in for nine months. With my arms thrown over the side, I breathed and groaned through some of the most intense feelings of my life. Low and shallow noises – I tried with all I could to keep low and shallow noises.

Me: “This hurts so bad!”

Kim: “It’s a lot of pressure. This is a new feeling, don’t let it scare you.”

Jared: “You’re doing so good babe, we are getting so much closer to meeting our baby.”

I could hear our Birth Bootcamp instructor’s voice in my head… “Your body is doing good work. Every contraction is bringing you closer and closer to your baby.”

Me: “This is so intense. Babe this is so intense”

Jared:” It’s okay babe.” (as he’s rubbing my back and pouring water over the parts of me that aren’t under. Which felt good and then not, my skin became so sensitive to everything!)

Kim: “You CAN do this. You’re doing it already. Your body knows exactly what to do.”

The next couple of contractions I screamed. High pitch, gut-wrenching scream. Kim reminded me to keep low noises because screams pulled him back up instead of pushing him down. It was so hard but I could feel the difference and I tried to tame back to low.

She told me to turn and face the wide edge of the tub to give myself more room and asked if I was feeling pressure to push. Unsure, I said I think so. There was so much pressure that surely that was the pressure to push. So she told me next contraction, to bare down. The next contraction came – I pushed – it burned.

“There is his head!” she exclaimed.

Jared popped his head down to see through the glass side of the tub,

“I can see his head babe, he’s coming!”

A break, as if a lull, my body telling me… This is your rest moment, the end is near.

My next contraction I pushed as hard as I physically, mentally, and emotionally could. I yelled “This burns SO BAD!” as I felt him crown and simultaneously felt my pubic symphysis separate and thought… How does anyone deal with the ring of fire without being in the tub?!

His head was out. My son’s head was out. Kim told me we would wait for the next contraction for him to come the rest of the way out. In what seemed like the longest interval I had had since I got to the birth center, the next contraction came and I pushed with all my might…

Sweet relief. My son was here.

Birth Story

8:02 pm, Logan Jason Spitz entered the world. 7 pounds, 10 ounces, and 20 inches long. I was in active labor for less than two hours. Kim laid him on my chest in the water and I just stared at him. No big wail to enter the world. Just relaxed and hanging, I even asked why he wasn’t crying. He was fine. He was more than fine, he was perfect.

All those hours of labor and Jared never left my side. I looked at him, our son in my arms. We did it. We made it. Our lives forever changed in an instant by this perfect little boy.

He beat our birth photographer. I was glad. I didn’t want anyone else in the room for that moment. The most intense moments that only needed to be shared between Jared, Kim, our sweet assistant midwife Lincey, and myself. Darlene (our photographer) arrived shortly after – the sweetest and most gentle soul we could have asked for to catch those moments. We didn’t even realize she was there.

She photographed every perfect moment. Our time in the tub, Jared cutting the cord, his parents meeting him for the first time, my brother (who Logan’s middle name is after – Jason) and sister-in-law Shea meeting him. Our herbal bath together. She captured his perfect fingers and perfect toes. Our first moments together as a family. Moments we will cherish forever.

Birth Story – The Overall Experience

The biggest workout of my life and our greatest success together. I labored at the birth center for less than an hour and a half. I pushed for seven minutes. I am blessed – We are blessed. That time frame isn’t something that everyone can have and that is something that I am forever thankful for. I attribute the ease of my pregnancy and labor to a few things. Not that anyone who did the same thing would have the same results, but these are the steps I took.

I fed my body nutritiously. Throughout my entire pregnancy, but especially the last few weeks I tried to make sure I was fueled and ready to go. The last thing I wanted was to go into labor only having eaten pizza and potato chips. I also drank at least a gallon of water a day.

I was also adjusted before and throughout my pregnancy. Through Torque Release Technique and Webster Technique, I was able to remain comfortable for the duration of my pregnancy and my baby was able to be in a perfect position. Webster technique is a very useful tool for pregnant women and I recommend all those expecting to find a chiropractor to perform this regularly.

I also exercised throughout my entire pregnancy. I continued to lift weights until it was too uncomfortable, to which I moved to bodyweight workouts and a lot of walking.

I sought the help of professionals. My midwife, Kim Daly, at Grapevine Birth Center. Jared and I joke that when we move from Texas we are going to have to fly her out for our next baby. I can’t imagine a more perfect person for a midwife.

My Birth BootCamp Instructor, Julia West. One of the sweetest and knowledgeable souls to help you feel more comfortable going into one of the most important days in your life.

My Chiropractor, Dr. Shea Newsome, DC. Always knew exactly what I needed and helped me in my most vulnerable states throughout my pregnancy.

My partner, my best friend, my support person – Jared Spitz. There aren’t enough words to say what he did for me. The perfect partner. The perfect Dad.

Parents kissing newborn baby

I couldn’t have done it without these people. And it is through them that my life and my family are forever blessed.

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If you would like to share your birth story with us and other expecting moms we would love to hear from you! And of course, if you are interested in learning more about giving birth at our birthing center or would like to book a tour, please contact us here.