Birth Plan & Postpartum Plan

We encourage our clients to develop a Birth Plan- basically, just a list of the things you absolutely DO and absolutely DON’T want for your labor, birth and immediate postpartum. Here are a few things you might want to think about:

  • Waterbirth
  • Friends & Family
  • Photography/ Video
  • Music
  • Who will catch the baby?
  • Who will cut the cord?
  • Eye Ointment
  • Vitamin K
  • GBS-positive plan
  • Who will care for my other children?
  • Any other needs, requests, or concerns

Is there any religious or cultural consideration we should know about?

What are your goals for your birth? Is there anything you definitely DON’T want?

Usually, clients and midwives are on the same page, so we are not likely to disagree about many aspects of your birth plan.

We feel that clients should spend just as much (or more!) time and energy on their Postpartum Plan. You had a baby! Great! Now what? Here are a few things to consider:

  • Who will take care of any housework, meal preparation, and childcare for older children for the first 1- 2 weeks (you will be on bed rest for 3-5 days, and limited activity for the first 2 weeks)?

  • Do you have a pediatrician/ family practice physician? We recommend having at least an idea of who you will call if we recommend you take your newborn to a doctor.

Having a postpartum plan in place can help you feel more supported in the first few weeks after the birth.