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“I cannot say enough amazing things about Grapevine Birth Center and the incredible team of midwives! As a first-time mom, the midwives helped educate and prepare me for a natural birth. With their amazing support during labor, I was able to have the birth I had always hoped for. It truly was an incredible experience and I am so thankful for their knowledge and skillset. THANK YOU!!!”

“I switched from an OB to Grapevine birthing center at 34 weeks pregnant with my first baby after I toured the beautiful place I knew it was where I wanted to be! I had the most amazing birth experience this place is truly awesome and everyone there cares so much about you and your baby. At every appointment, they went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of! The birth day it’s self was magical! They really helped keep me relaxed during my water birth! Midwife Joy was perfect for me and could pretty much read my mind at every appointment and always put me at ease… she delivered my daughter and really brought a lot of peace into the birth room as well as Stephanie and Debbie the Doula! I could not have done it without them. I highly highly recommend!”

“I’m not at all new to midwifery and I will say these ladies at Grapevine Birthing Center have given me the best experience I’ve ever had. From health care to personal care they have catered to every area and my family and I will be forever grateful. I would definitely recommend them to anyone because they are worth it and the experience they give is worth it.”

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“They took such good care of my sister and her three kids she had there! Brought so much peace and clarity to everything they did!”

“The most AMAZING gentle, special, caring place with the best in the business. Nothing compares!”

“After having a not so ideal birth at a hospital I knew I wanted something different. GBC is so beautiful and the rooms are so comfortable the whole experience from our regular visits to postpartum my experience was so wonderful. I really felt like I had a team of women that were there for me to make my experience as comfortable and safe and possible. The midwives are like family to us. If we go for #3 I’ll definitely be coming back.”

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“I would recommend to any expecting mother to have her baby here. The midwives and the staff is such appreciated and greatly superb beyond all means!! I can’t describe how much I love them!  High five to the greatest team around.”

“Kim Daly is an amazing midwife. She truly cares about her clients and becomes a friend in the process. The facility is GORGEOUS and the care you will receive is even better.”

“I loved everything about my experience at Grapevine Birthing Center! Barely any waiting before appointments, they don’t rush you during your appointments and listen to all of your questions and concerns. The birth went just how I wanted it to too. I definitely recommend the water birth! In short, they are all simply amazing!! Most of all they genuinely love all my boys.”

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