Top 5 Benefits of Water Birth & Laboring in Water


The benefits of water birth and laboring at a birth center like Grapevine Birthing Center or at home are extensive. Read on to find out the many benefits birthing in water has for you and your baby.

Woman giving birth in water

Benefits of Water Birth & Laboring in Water:

1. Reduces trauma to the perineum and eliminates episiotomies

Waterbirth creates a natural “cushion” to the perineum and therefore reduces your chances of tearing! Who wouldn’t like that?!

2. Provides dramatic pain relief

Laboring in water that is deep enough to cover the belly and lower back diminishes the sensation of pain.

Water birth at Grapevine Birthing Center

3. Provides a calming and relaxing effect

Contractions cause the body to tense up. When a woman steps into a tub of very warm water, it creates the sensation of weightlessness. There have been many moms who fall asleep in between their contractions at our birth center!

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4. Lessens the time of labor

Shorter labor? Yes, please! As we mentioned above having a water birth can relax the body and in turn, allows the body to work more efficiently. A relaxed uterus and perineum help the baby to descend faster and can often speed up a stalled labor!

Waterbirth in Dallas Birthcenter

5. Provides a gentle and safe entry for your baby

Just think– your baby has been swimming around in a warm bath for 9 months! Now picture that same baby being born into a cold delivery room. What a shock it must be to leave that cozy environment! Being born into the warm water and then directly to mama’s arms when assisted by an experienced Grapevine Birthing Center midwife can be a safe and gentle option for your baby.

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