28 Week Labwork

Glucose and CBC

Around 28 weeks of pregnancy, we will collect some blood samples for a routine gestational diabetes screen and complete blood count (CBC).

Gestational diabetes is a rare condition in which a pregnant woman’s endocrine system and placenta are not able to balance blood sugar very well. This can negatively affect the growth and health of your baby. Women with gestational diabetes are at risk for having a large baby, having too much amniotic fluid, high blood sugar, pre-eclampsia, high blood pressure during labor, or stillbirth.

Even though the condition is rare in women who eat high-protein, low carbohydrate diets with lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, the potential complications are serious enough that we feel it is important to screen every pregnant woman.

There are different ways to screen for gestational diabetes. You may be asked to prepare for a glucose screen, or we may perform a random screen.

To Prep for the 1-Hour Postprandial Glucose Screen:

1 hour before your appointment, eat a good, nutritious meal- be sure to get plenty of protein. This meal should not have any added sugar and no fruit.

Two Sugar-Load Options:

11 oz. of white grape juice


16 oz. of apple juice

Please plan this meal in advance to ensure the test is done properly.

There is no preparation needed for the CBC. We will collect that sample at the same time we collect the glucose screen sample. The CBC tells us important information about your blood- like the concentration of hemoglobin (iron) and the platelet count (blood clotting factor).

If either any of these test results are abnormal, we will counsel you how to improve your health with nutrition. You can also refer to the “Controlling Blood Sugar” section and the “Anemia” section

If your blood type is Rh-negative, we will test your blood for antibodies to make sure you have not had an immune reaction to baby’s blood.